PI Applications

Information & Document Management Systems

Piapplications is a new name with a long history in web development.

Formed in late 2012, Piapplications is a joint venture between Programmer / Developer Peter Cottrell and Online Agency 318 Online.

The core of the Piapplications team - Peter Cottrell and Ian Spencer have been collaborating on web development projects for 10 years

Piapplications grew from concepts developed over several years for clients like Hitachi, Atlas Copco, Temperzone and VCA.

We saw a real need to provide seamless integration of web and enterprise systems. Many companies have these two critical business information systems working independently of each other and at times even working against each other.

Our modular system which allows complete integration, is designed to help web and enterprise systems work ultimately as one easily managed entity.

We have endeavoured to make our systems as simple and useable as possible for the non technical user.