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Market Research made very Easy

If you want to know what your customers or staff actually think - Why not ask them?

For many years the major corporations have used market research as a critical marketing tool for their businesses.

Market Research has historically been expensive to develop and deploy, and even more difficult to analyse. But not any longer!

Piapplications have developed a simple web based Market Research tool that lets you create a market research project in minutes and deploy it by email. We take care of the basic analysis as well with built in analytics tools that summarise and and chart the results automatically.

You can produce a PDF report of the analysis with data and charts with the click of a mouse.

Surveying your staff, customers or consumers is an excellent way to gather information on how you could improve your business, develop new products or improve customer service.

Our Market Research Module allows you to set up, deploy and analyse your survey in minutes and in house. Its all web based and does not require web development or analysis skils.

It has a standard range of question types and also includes basic analysis and reporting tools.

If you want more complex analysis and reporting, the data can be extracted and analysed in excel or any of the major database systems.

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Vet and Pet Distributor VCA has been using online training since 2010.

VCA recently upgraded their online training system to the latest Piapplications modular version to increase flexibility and reduce production overheads.

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Market Research used to be the province of large companies with big budgets.

Piapplications has made Market Research easily available to any size business.

In minutes you can have a professional Market Research survey developed and deployed.

Inbuilt analytics mean reporting is done at the click of a mouse.