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Consumer Brochure Module

Consumer Brochures and Catalogues often contain marketing material combined with technical information.

You can spend a lot of time and money having brochures designed and produced only to find product numbers change or new products are added to a range! The Piapplications Online Design System allows you to take your designers work into a real design platform and link it to your product information.

The outcome is instant updates of your existing brochures which retain your carefully prepared designs but are produced in house by your marketing staff!

The Piapplications Consumer Brochure and Catalogue module allows you to produce a wide range of consumer information and promotional documents.

The design and management system allows you to use all the graphic design you want and configure the content for multiple different uses.

Often product specifications change faster than the brochure design. The Piapplications system allows for rapid alteration and republication of the brochures without changing the design or a costly trip to the design agency.

An easy to use drag and drop editing interface makes producing custom consumer brochures and catalogues a breeze.

Our custom web to PDF engine allows production of the entire document set or a single sheet.


The Benefits:

  • Technical accuracy
  • Technical consistency over the entire brochure set
  • Design consistency over the entire brochure set
  • Easy to edit and amend
  • Easy to produce new PDF documents
  • No printing bills
  • Self managed