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Training Management

The training management system is designed to simplify the training process for both the Manager and Trainee. It allows a range of options from fully managed to fully self managed.

  • Our management interface allows the manager to define the training modules allocated to each trainee.
  • Once the manager has selected the training program for a trainee, an email is sent to both indicating the process has started.
  • Trainees can see the list of modules in the program with 'to be completed by dates'.
  • Trainees receive reminder emails as the finsh dates approach.
  • Completed Modules are shown as completed but are still accessible to the trainee for revision as required.
  • The Manager can see the progress of each trainee within their program.
  • The training progress of each trainee is retained and visible indefinitely.


The Piapplications Online Training management system has the flexibility to manage a wide range of trainees and training programs in large or small organisations.