PI Applications

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Piapplications Online Training System is designed so every training project is treated as a separate module.

Each module can then independently use a range of controls which allow the training system manager to vary the style and outcome of the training project.

The flexibility of the system allows training modules to be designed ranging from very simple consumer focused product training through to long form lecture and testing.

  • Modules can be designed to be in a range from what we call "Informative" through to "Evaluative".
  • Informative modules are designed to reinforce the learning process and trainees are given positive feedback to assist them to answer every question correctly.
  • Evaluative modules are designed to obtain a perspective of the trainees understanding of the program subject. In Evaluative mode the positive feedback is typically turned off so a clear picture can be taken of the trainees understanding of the subject.
  • Evaluative mode allows for self scoring if only multiple choice questions are used.
  • Modules have a range of multiple choice questions available.
  • Ranking questions which are good for feedback are also included as are a range of text question formats.