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Price List Module

Nothing creates more anxiety in Sales Managers and the Sales team than price lists!

There once was a time when you produced a price list once a year, had it printed and distributed to your customers and all was well in the world for another 12 months.

Today a printed price list is out of date before the ink is even dry!

  • Piapplications have created a solution that allows the price list to change every time you change a price.
  • It also allows you to bring in customer discount levels on a product category basis.
  • Customers receive a price list that only contains their buy price, which takes into account both current list price and current customer discount levels.
  • The system allows sales team members to create custom price lists for each of their customers as prices and discounts change.
  • List pricing is set and locked by the sales manager or product manager. Discount levels can be locked at this level or left to be used by the sales staff themselves.
  • Piapplications Price List Module can be used on mobile devices which is a great advantage when price and discount negotiations are conducted in the field