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Technical Brochure and Catalogues

Keeping a price list up to date with just price and discount to deal with is hard enough as products change but keeping the technical documentation up for a range of products is much harder. Technical documents rely on information relating to dozens of specific characteristics for each product.

One of our customers approached us with a common problem. The technical brochures for a range of 10 products ran to almost 100 pages. There were 17 separate documents dealing with everything from a range overview to detailed specifications to installation and servicing instructions. Over several years as this range evolved as 13 different people had had a hand in the design and production of the documents. In the end they were a "unique mixture" of designs and there were definite technical inconsistencies between separate documents.

Piapplications was able to provide a solution using our web based brochure and catalogue module.

We created a web based base documents which hold all the unique data for each product. Information stored this way includes straight data, tables, graphs, photographs, and technical diagrams. Some data was obtainable from the Enterprise software, other material was manually added to the product information database in the web platform. What is critical here is that the one data source was used to produce all the documents in the brochure set.

We then combined the product specifications with editable text in a range of standardised formats, developed to ensure consistency in both design and technical information.

Our custom web to PDF engine allows production of the entire document set or a single data sheet.

The Benefits:

  • Technical accuracy
  • Technical consistency over the entire brochure set
  • Design consistency over the entire brochure set
  • Easy to edit and amend
  • Easy to produce new PDF documents
  • No printing bills
  • Self managed