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Trade Communication

By combining web content with email notification our Trade Newsletter system ensures you get your trade marketing to exactly the audience you want.

Our Trade newsletter is designed to work seamlessly on any internet connected device from wide screens to tablets and smartphones.

Nothing beats email backed with web content for message delivery in a B2B marketplace!

Perhaps most importantly the web content keeps on working for you as an archive for months or even years to come.

The Piapplications Trade Newsletter allows you to simply develop the content, auto generate the email code and then track the readership using a variety of analytics software. (NB: In page analytics is available with higher level Kentico licenses.) You can also add comment options to the stories if you want interactive feedback.

The Trade Newsletter system is also designed to work hand in hand with other Piapplications modules like Market Research, Promotions Management and Online Training, giving you an extremely powerful marketing platform.